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December 08, 2019 2 min read

The gloves are on and the blemishes are out. Temperatures drop and central heating is cranked up, so it’s no surprise our skin starts screaming out for help.

Irritation occurs, and the skin reacts accordingly. Scarves add an extra layer of warmth, and also cover up the spots we’d prefer to stay hidden. There’s one more accessory to add to your collection this winter: CBD skincare. 

Topical application of CBD is a targeted way to improve the appearance of skin. There are cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body (part of the endocannabinoid system), and a direct interaction with those receptors can stimulate a healing process thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Here’s why it’s extra important to feed the skin with CBD during the colder months:

1. CBD soothes the skin 

The cold winter weather often exacerbates dry, irritated and blotchy skin. Switching up your skincare routine is often a necessary change. Using CBD skincare can go a long way to help soothe these annoying and painful conditions, and to simultaneously rebalance the skin’s complexion.

With its healing properties, a CBD balm can be applied to deeply nourish chapped lips and flaky skin; two things that are almost inevitable in the cold weather, whether or not you find yourself out in the snow or frost. 

Staying warm means wearing scarves, hats and headbands on a daily basis. A buildup of dirt and dead skin cells can easily result in unwanted acne. Using CBD skincare products can help to be proactive, and reduce irritation and bacteria.

Goodbye blemishes!

2. CBD boosts skin hydration 

Central heating tends to dry out the skin in the winter months, and hydration is a much-overlooked issue that can be easily solved. 

Our skin is highly affected by environmental factors. Pay attention to how your complexion changes as the seasons change; is it dry and flaky rather than its usual bright, plump self? As you notice flare-ups or flaky patches, make sure your skin gets its necessary hydration throughout the holiday season.  

Try ourDaily Protect Serum to add nourishment to your skin. This product combines natural plant oils, key ingredients, and the added benefits of CBD, to moisturise and nourish the skin. Its antioxidant-rich ingredients help to counteract daily free-radical damage, too.

3. CBD calms overindulged skin  

Wintertime means the holiday season is almost upon us. Our wallets empty out as our bellies get full. Overindulging in food and drink, and perhaps lack of exercise in the cold weather, often shows in your complexion before anything else. 

Introducing anti-inflammatory skincare can help lessen the effects of starting your day with an advent calendar chocolate and ending it with unbuttoned trousers!

CBD skincare has a calming effect on the skin, something many people need during the high stress of gift shopping and new year goal setting. There are many ways that CBD skincare can help keep your skin blemish-free, calm and hydrated over the next few months. 

Before you hibernate for the winter season, make sure to register to be the first to get Ohana's CBD skincare range. Share your winter season CBD skincare routine with us on IG @ohanacbd

Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash.

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