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May 27, 2019 4 min read

CBD has sprung up in so many places over the past few years, and its benefits are fast becoming recognised in the health space. Finding information about this brand new substance isn’t always easy (which is why Ohana’s blog aims to keep you in the know when it comes to all things CBD and wellness), and understanding how to consume it is one of the first things people wonder when they consider using it.

Whether you’re curious about patches, vaping or edible products, there’s a way to deliver all the goodness of CBD that works for you, and I’m digging a little deeper here so you’re more informed about the buffet of choices you have.

What are the options?

There are five primary ways to deliver cannabinoids to your system, and each has its benefits based on your health and lifestyle goals:

  1. Transdermal (Patches)
  2. Sublingual (Oil)
  3. Inhalation (Vape)
  4. Topical application (Cream)
  5. Ingestion (Edibles)

If you’re completely confused about where to start on your CBD journey, here are a few things to know about each method.


1. Transdermal (Patches)

Much like a nicotine patch, a CBD patch is a sticky plaster-type product infused with the cannabinoid. Your body heat activates the patch, and when applied to a venous area of the body such as your wrist or upper arm, it can help to provide relief for issues such as chronic pain and anxiety, by releasing a small amount of the substance into your bloodstream without requiring needles. One of the benefits of patches is their ability to bypass many of the organs that filter the cannabinoid, so you benefit fully from its medicinal value.

Ohana's favourite: Mary's Medicinal transdermal patches are fantastic for localised pain and deliver highly bioavailable CBD for 8-12 hours. 


2. Sublingual (Oil)

Many of the first CBD products on the market came in the form of oils, and these were often administered sublingually (under the tongue). This delivery system allows the capillaries in the mucous membranes under the tongue to absorb the CBD oil and make its way directly to the bloodstream, meaning you could benefit from its pain relieving effects in just minutes. By using this method, some of the oil will inevitably be ingested, but as long as it stays under the tongue for up to a minute, this will not diminish its effectiveness.

Ohana's favourite: we love Wunder Workshop's CBD oil. They blend their CBD with turmeric oil and black pepper extract to boost potency and bio-availability. 


3. Inhalation (Vape)

Inhalation, or ‘vaping’, as a CBD delivery system is arguably the most efficient way, as it enters the bloodstream very quickly. You will likely have seen a rise in people with vape pens or similar in the past few years, whether because they enjoy the flavours available or as a method of replacing a smoking habit. Using a vape device to inhale CBD products is best used by people who already use this or who are used to smoking, but there are tabletop vaporizers available too, so inhaling CBD products could be as easy as lighting incense.

Ohana's favourite: in the US our favourite vape is Select. I've yet to come across one I truly love in the UK. If you know any, message us on Twitter (@OhanaCBD) and let us know.


Topical CBD

4. Topical application (Cream)

Where transdermal patches help deliver CBD products in a more concentrated way through the skin and into the bloodstream, topical application refers to the creams, lotions or gels that target a localised area, whether to relieve pain or to improve the appearance of skin in some way. These products are not created to go deep enough to enter the bloodstream, but instead, concentrate on the upper layers of the skin.

Ohana's favourite: Our amazing skincare range of course! Ohana comes under the category of topical application, and was created to target the natural endocannabinoid system within our bodies. The CBD in our skincare products interacts with receptors in the skin and encourages healing through its anti-inflammatory properties. 


5. Ingestion (Edibles)

Much like taking a vitamin in the morning, possibly the easiest way to deliver CBD products is through ingestion - swallowing concentrated CBD oil in various forms in order for it to pass through the digestive system and metabolize in the liver. These products are often marketed as foods such as sweets and drinks, and so are easy to adopt as a method of delivering CBD to your system.

Whether you’re interested in a few drops of oil under the tongue, tempted by CBD infused baked goods or want to improve your skin through the topical application of cannabinoid products, there are lots of ways to deliver this incredible compound to your system and reap the benefits.

Ohana's favourite: if you want a delicious delivery method for your CBD you have to try Organic Livity's Macarons. They are to die for!

If you use CBD products, let me know which method you prefer or any other amazing products. You can join in the conversation over on Instagram at@ohanacbd.

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