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December 03, 2020 4 min read

Add Salt is a fashion jewellery rental subscription experience. For £50 a month, you will receive a box with a 3 to 5 piece collection of handmade fashion jewellery, uniquely designed by Add Salt. They offer a personalised consultation before  sending you your first box to understand your personal tastes. 

Tell us about Add Salt Studios, and what is the meaning of the name?

Our brand philosophy stems from the basic yet magical qualities of salt. Salt is the unsung hero that enhances flavors, melts into the preparation and becomes part of a beautiful dish.

Our jewellery is meant to accentuate your beauty, add to your wardrobe and become part of the complete look that is you.

How does the subscription box work, and what are the benefits of it?

In shopping for fashion jewellery, the paradox for choice is large and time is insufficient to view multiple options. Let us bring a little sparkle into your life while helping with this paradox, surprising you and delighting you.

Each month for £50, we’ll send you between 3 to 5 pieces to wear and enjoy. The box contains pieces with a retail value of between £250-750.

At the end of the month, send them back to us to receive a new set, or, if you liked anything you wore, purchase it to make it a permanent part of your wardrobe! Bonus! The £50 gets used a credit toward the purchase price. The benefit is that it’s rotational so you get to try out new styles all the time!

Skincare is personal. Jewelry is personal. Tell us why personalisation is key.

We offer well curated collections for women. Our products make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. We provide a variety of pieces such as earrings, necklaces, rings and anything else your imagination conjures up. Personalization is key, through AI and Data Analysis we hope to understand your taste. We send you a few pieces that you would like and we send you some that we think would push your boundaries.

What inspires the designs and innovations?

Our innovations are based out of the magical city of Jaipur. Its gem trade is famous around the world. India is a land of beautiful culture and heritage.

Our designs are unique and personalised. We believe in hand crafting each piece. Our design inspiration comes from various different things.

To begin with, it comes from the idea of salt, and how we add that to food. We believe each piece should add something to enhance you personality.

The skilled craftsmen create a whole line of jewellery based on our ideas. We draw inspiration from things like nature, architecture and history.

How do beauty and jewellery feed into self love and confidence?

Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you unique. Jewellery is an extension of your personality, and it helps re-instate your inner confidence. It is just a medium through which it is done.

Why is a sustainable lifestyle important to you?

Sustainability is important to us. We believe in the fast fashion world, changing styles is inevitable. However we try to minimize the culture of constant consumption through our rental service.

What does it look like to support the success of a 'modern independent woman’?

The modern independent woman comes in many different shapes and forms. It’s about choice. Whether it is to conquer the corporate world, to build a small business, to be a full-time mom, or anything in between, women have more opportunities to build the life they wish, rather than conform to specific stereotypes.

Just because there are choices, does not make it easy though. The paradox of choice and the pressure to be perfect has only increased, not decreased. Supporting each other means respecting the choices each modern independent woman has made, and celebrating it.

In our own small way, Add Salt wants to celebrate these choice and women, by offering pieces of jewellery that will help them spark joy, bring out their inner warrior and help them express their personality. 

Their purpose was to bring joy through jewellery to busy women; whether they are working full time jobs, raising a family, or building start up, and everything in between. They found, Combining their business expertise with their love for jewellery, they founded add salt in January 2020.

How do you 'give of the gift of calm’? 

Ohana is one of the most innovative skin care companies shaking up the beauty industry. We are proud to partner with Ohana and their philosophy of the gift of calm. We believe in their ethos and brand ethic and are happy to offer a free month subscription to them (the giveaway will be on 7 December). We are particularly drawn to the story of the founder and believe in partnering with people who’s values align with our own. We help support the “gift of calm” by adding a piece of our jewellery to their story. Jewellery has the power to be one little thing that makes you unique.


To find out more about Add Salt, follow them on IG (@addsaltstudios) and check out their website ( 

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