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March 12, 2020 3 min read

CBD Beauty Sleep Guide 

The term ‘beauty sleep’ is no accident. It’s scientifically proven that a good night’s rest can help improve the appearance of your skin. Ohana is taking a closer look at what sleep can do for your skin, and how you can catch enough Z’s to make your complexion more youthful, fresh and vibrant. 

What  happens to our skin at night?

TheNational Sleep Foundation recommends between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for adults, which is plenty of time for the body to work its magic on your skin. When we sleep, our body goes into repair mode, as does the skin. Duringsleep, our body sends fluid to any organs and tissues that need repairing, and removes excess fluid from others. Those unsightly bags under your eyes that appear when you don’t get enough shut-eye are pockets of fluid. They’re caused by cutting sleep short before the fluid gets to where it needs to go. 

So what about skin? Well, lack of sleep increases inflammation and the stress hormones that affect your immune system. This can irritate any skin issues you have, as well as create new ones… hello wrinkles! 

Sleep deprivation has been thought to speed up theproduction of wrinkles due to a lack of collagen, which is usually produced overnight while we sleep and helps to keep the skin’s elasticity in check. 

Sleep does a lot for our skin, especially deep sleep. This is when the body increases its skin cell production, according toNuffield Health. After a day catching the rays or being exposed to pollutant stress, it’s important to hit the pillow so the skin can rebuild and repair itself. Other parts of the sleep cycle are crucial for maintaining and producing collagen, and even protecting chromosomes, too.

Here are a few more tips to boost your overnight beauty routine… 

Humidifier = Hydration 

Seven to nine hours is a long time to go without drinking water, so keep your skin hydrated overnight by increasing the moisture in the air using a humidifier. Dry air leads to thirsty skin, so running a humidifier in your bedroom at night means moisture is increased in the air surrounding you, which is much gentler on skin. 

Overnight oil 

Don’t burn the midnight oil… apply the overnight oil! Applying a deeply hydrating overnight oil is a great way to seal in moisture while you sleep, and promote plump, hydrated, brighter skin that’s soft to the touch. OurPhyto Retinol Night Oil is designed for exactly this reason. 

Cooler the better 

Our natural body temperature declines when we sleep, so making sure the temperature in your bedroom is also low can help improve blood flow. This helps to oxygenate the skin, leaving it feeling radiant and fresh the following day. A low temperature also means your body can redirect energy to repair and rejuvenate areas that need it most.

Silk switch 

Lots of tossing and turning during the night means dirt and oil get transferred from our hair and skin to the pillow case, and then transferred back to our face to enter our pores. Gross, right? Switch to a silk pillow slip for a softer surface. Silk absorbs less moisture and dirt, and is often a better choice for those who suffer with acne. Silk is also thought to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time, and if you can manage it, sleeping on your back (instead of with your face pressed to the pillow) can also do wonders to maintain youthful skin. 

Battle of the blemishes 

It’s hard to treat acne during the day as many of us cover spots up with makeup. Use the time overnight to launch an attack against any unwanted facial foes by applying targeted serums or treatments. Dry out spots, sort out oily patches, and reduce redness overnight to enjoy clearer skin come morning.

Catch more Zs

When it comes to your skin, there’s really no such thing as too much sleep. Anything you can do to get that bit of extra slumber will also help your skin. Try spritzing lavender essential oils around the room to promote a restful sleep. Or, enjoy a warm bath about an hour before bed to encourage you to drift off quicker.  

Slumber with CBD

CBD is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, and studies have shown how it helps prevent acne byregulating the skin’s own oil production. Since sleep is when the body repairs itself, using the added anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could help give you the clear skin you’ve been looking for. 

What’s your nighttime beauty routine? Will you be trying any of the above? Get in touch over on Instagram at@ohanacbd and let me know. 

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash.

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