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August 25, 2021 4 min read

Facts About CBD

Nowadays, CBD has taken up as firm a place at the forefront of most wellness conversations as it has on the shelves of the organic high street stores. There’s CBD coffee, CBD skin care, CBD vape pens, CBD supplements, CBD lubricants, CBD you-name-it - the hype doesn’t seem to be going anywhere even two years since the market first boomed. While there hasn’t been a lot of scientific research on how and why CBD works, this is largely due to the prevalent cannabis restrictions making it difficult to study.

Although, this hasn’t stopped the many people across the world from using this plant medicine to help with various ailments, in some cases where traditional medicine was found to be less effective or natural - like stress, sleep, anxiety and pain. We know that much - it works.

Unsurprisingly, CBD use has increased across all adult demographics, with recent reports revealing the sales of CBD for the year ended April 2021 are valued at £690m in the UK alone, and is set to continue rising. But, one particular group which seems to have harnessed the healing properties of this cannabinoid, is women. Today we’ll talk about the different ways CBD can be used to aid women’s health.

CBD for Pain Relief

The first point is easy - pain management. Even if you don’t know much about CBD, chances are that you’ve read it somewhere in a magazine or a newspaper, or perhaps heard from someone you know that CBD helps with pain. But, so do traditional painkillers, so where’s the catch?

Aside from it being natural and less harmful on your liver (especially as a topical), CBD seems to have very little-to-none side effects that could impact functionality, which cannot be said about some prescription medication. So be that a demanding career, a passion project, or childcare responsibilities - or all of the above - as modern day women we need to stay alert and productive. As such, CBD may be a better alternative for ladies who want to utilise it on a daily basis while juggling other commitments.

CBD and Reproductive Health

Historically, some aspects of women's health were oftentimes shunned in the media, particularly surrounding periods, aging and reproductive health. Today, most wellness solutions to satisfy those needs remain specially designed to meet them in a discreet way. Although we’ve come a long way, there is still progress to be made and conversations to be had in order to empower fellow women to openly talk about their health in an effort to find the best solution for the job. As more of these conversations are happening, it is becoming clear that CBD is an almost indispensable wellness tool in a modern woman's repertoire of products - from CBD skincare brands like ourselves, to CBD menstrual cycle brands like Ohne or Daye. If you’re keen to learn more, check out a book Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness: An Essential Guide by Aliza Sherman and Junella Chin.

CBD for Period Pain

As mentioned, it is no secret that CBD is found to be helpful with some more specific pain symptoms, including period cramps. A dollop of Ohana Wonder Balm goes a long way to soothe the pain and relieve menstrual cramps, as well as keeping your skin moisturized and nourished for a well-needed dose of self care during that time of the month.

Here's a review from our Wonder Balm!

Wonder Balm Review on Ohana Website

CBD Skin Care

But that’s not all. Aside from period pain management, CBD can also help with other PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings, making it the ultimate period pick-me-up. When used topically, such as in a serum, CBD is jam-packed with soothing anti-inflammatory properties that clear skin, cure acne, and calm rosacea - perfect for those of us who get a hormone-related breakout every now and again.

Sexual Wellness and CBD

Staying on topic of female health, CBD is known to be one of the best natural muscle relaxants, making CBD-infused lubricants (such as our friends at Foria and Quim) particularly useful in easing muscle tension, increasing bloodflow, arousal and enjoyment of sex, as well as helping with any pains both during and after inercourse. However, please do be mindful of any effect oil-based lubricants can have on weakening the latex material of the condom and please carefully consult the instruction leaflet for your particular product before use.

Introducing CBD to your Menopause

Although current research on the effects of CBD on menopausal symptoms is lacking adequate clinical trials, safety data and regulation, there is plentiful anecdotal evidence in favour of it being a tremendous help in easing hot flashes, improving bone density and balancing hormonal changes of menopause. Furthermore, it’s known to help in stabilising mood changes and any disturbances in sleep.

Gut Health and CBD Tea

When used in a tincture - sublingually or in your favourite tea - CBD is known to help reduce some symptoms of anxiety and depression, and help you feel more relaxed. It is also an incredibly healthy food supplement, especially for digestive health, due to its cortisol lowering benefits to help prevent leaky gut or intestinal permeability.

As such, overall CBD seems to be the next big thing in women's health, and we love it. We are here to empower you to be the most healthy, carefree, confident, brilliant self.

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