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June 07, 2021 4 min read

Whether CBD is better ingested or used topically is always a topical conversation. We argue, though, that it's not about what's "better", it's about which experience you prefer more (or perhaps you like both?). 

Knowing what CBD stands for (relaxation and well-being from nature), let's explore the worlds of CBD-infused drinks and CBD-infused skin care.

Do CBD-infused drinks work?

We spoke to Gibson’s Goodology about CBD-infused drinks, yet another way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Although there are similarities, Gibson’s Goodology share how using CBD in a drink differs from using it in your skincare routine with Ohana products.

They worked with fitness guru and travel journalist Sabi Phagura (IG: @fitlassontour) on a two-week trial. Here’s a glimpse of her experiences with the benefits of Goodology and how it contributed to her wellness routine.

So how was the overall experience?

I loved it, I’m one of those people who know what I like and what I don’t like, especially alongside my fitness and nutrition.

I do intermittent fasting almost on a daily basis, where I don’t eat within a sixteen hour window and the Goodology fits in with that really well. I was breaking my fast with the Goodology and then closing my fast with it.

The one thing that I realised was my sleep. I've never been a bad sleeper but I do tend to wake up in the middle of the night. However, I found after day five, I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night. I slept throughout the night and I loved it!

Did you feel the effects of CBD-infused drinks? 

I definitely felt energetic. I’m already quite fit. I exercise regularly. I’m always on the move and being active and eat a well balanced diet. I even have a stand-up desk.

I also have an incredibly sweet tooth, I eat chocolate everyday and throughout those two weeks even from day one I didn’t eat chocolate. This wasn’t a conscious decision either, because normally I end my fast with a latte and a bar of chocolate but I didn’t crave it once.

Did you think it positively or negatively impacted you? If so, how?

Overall, I would say the drinks definitely had a positive impact on my day-to-day life. I saw it within so many aspects, my sleep, my cravings and my energy all improved! 

Do you think GG fits easily into your routines?

Yes definitely, at first I drank them straight from the can but soon after I decided to turn my daily drop of Goodology into a little ritual. It was more of a mental thing, pouring the drink into a nice tall glass filled with ice, this was especially nice in the evenings. 

Could you differentiate between the effects of each flavour?

I couldn’t no, but I know from the taste side of it I loved the flavours of each.

I drink a lot of protein shakes and they’re good but they taste like a “healthy drink”, these drinks were completely different, great tasting but also like a little treat. 

Thanks to GG for sharing insights about drinks.
But, how does this all compare to CBD face oils, CBD balms and CBD serums? 

How does CBD Skin Care Work?

Here are some answers from the Ohana team...

The Secret is the Endocannabinoid System

Every human body has an endocannabinoid system (let’s call it the ECS). The ECS is a neurotransmitter network that regulates homeostasis, which is a term for saying biological balance. That makes the ECS the boss babe of balance. 

Boss babe ECS works around the clock to maintain balance for hunger and sleep, immunity and inflammation, pain and pleasure and the emotions that go along for the ride. 

CBD is one of the compounds produced by cannabis. When CBD is applied topically - on your face or body - skin receptors interact with the CBD oil, CBD balm or CBD serum.

Compared to CBD-infused drinks, the body has to metabolise the compound in order for the compound to interact with the ECS. The difference is locally applied products versus products that are digested.

What can CBD skin care products be used for?

The localised application of CBD skin care means that there is a targeted area that receives the benefit of the product. For scars or pain, our All-in-One Wonder Balm could be used directly on the area where there are skin issues or painful symptoms. For spots or redness on the face, our Night Repair Face Oil and Daily Defence Serum can be applied to help regulate the skin into an even, glowing complexion. 

Compared to energy and sleep changes, as Sabi ‘Fitlass’ Phagura described, how does wellness factor into CBD skin care?

Our products are crafted with oils and scents that are used to promote different elements of self care.

Compared to consuming drinks, our products stimulate the senses in a way that encourages self-care through skin care. Our products can be used with our skincare tools: Gua Shas, Body Brushes and Ice Globes. These can all factor into skincare rituals that help with stress relief, releasing tension, detoxifying the body and stimulating circulation. 

What should I choose?

This is a personal question. It relates to bioavailability. If you're looking to clear up spots, heal a burn or scar, reduce the itch from dermatitis or relieve painful cramps, choose the most accessible form of CBD for the body, aka choose CBD skin care. If you're looking for something more general, such as shifting energy, sleep, or anxiety patterns, then consider a CBD drink. 

Once you figure out the why, also consider the when? Do you want to be consuming a drink post workout or pre-bedtime? Do you want to be able to pull out a balm when pain flares up or want to start the day with a refreshing self care skin care practice? 

CBD products are plentiful. Choose what is best for you!

Explore the flavours and feelings of Goodology! We’re even offering 25% off your first order with HUGS25 to help you start your journey. Embrace the goodness, we’ll see you there!

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