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January 30, 2020 3 min read

Most people experience the aggravation of acne at some point in their teenage years. But for some, spots don’t just magically disappear on your 20th birthday. Many adults continue to struggle with this confidence-draining issue, as well as having constant reminders of past acne breakouts from scarring. 

 If that sounds like you, know that you are not alone. CBD skincare could be just what you need to see real change in your skin. The benefits of CBD seem endless, but if you’re wondering what it is specifically about this hero herb that causes blemishes to run for the hills, Ohana is diving deep right here… 

First off, what is acne?

Spots appear on the surface of your skin, but there’s a lot more going on underneath. Acne occurs when excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells clog up pores, creating blackheads. Bacteria forms within the pores and causes those annoying red bumps we all know and loathe. 

Picking and popping causes excessive disruption to the skin’s surface, which can lead to acne scars. That’s why everyone tells you to steer clear of popping those spots!

Keeping skin clean and free from acne-causing bacteria is key, along with regulating the amount of oil buildup on the skin. Here are five ways that CBD skincare can help promote clean, clear skin whilst combating acne.

1. CBD prevents oil buildup

One of the main reasons CBD skincare has such profound effects on acne is its ability to regulate the sebaceous glands. These are oil-producing glands found under the skin, attached to the hair follicles. For some people these glands produce too much oil (known as sebum), and eventually cause acne due to this buildup. 

In 2014, theJournal of Clinical Investigation studied the effects of CBD compounds on the oil-producing glands in human skin samples. They found that CBD inhibited the production of oil and had anti-inflammatory effects on the glands; evidence suggesting that CBD is an ideal ingredient for plant-based skincare products. 

2. CBD boosts skin hydration

As well as reducing the excess oil that can lead to acne breakouts, CBD also helps your skin to remain hydrated. Just like the scalp, stripping the skin of its natural oils can do just as much damage as having too much - and lead to just as much acne. 

Forget the myth that the skin must be free from oil entirely; there is a healthy balance of the two that will ensure long-lasting skin health. CBD skincare helps to find that perfect balance. 

3. CBD calms inflammation

The CBD chemical compound has anti-inflammatory properties. When used topically, it is an effective ingredient to reduce inflamed areas. 

CBD oil interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and CBD skincare does much the same, except it interacts with receptors found in the skin, encouraging healing in localised areas. 

Products combining natural extracts with CBD as the active ingredient (likeOhana’s range) can make a noticeable difference in reducing signs of inflammation on the skin. So long, redness and puffiness. 

4. CBD soothes irritation 

CBD skincare’s anti-inflammatory properties could help to soothe any irritation that can lead to a desire to pick at skin. Anything from chapped lips to flaky patches could see the benefit of incorporating CBD skincare into your daily routine, but of course, those with acne are likely to see and feel the biggest difference. No more scratching! 

5. CBD could improve the appearance of (acne) scars 

People with persistent acne, as well as those left with acne scarring, may benefit from using CBD skincare products. 

A recent study published in the  La Clinica Terapeutica journal looked at the effects of CBD on general scars from things like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. They applied CBD-enriched ointment to scarred areas twice a day for three months. A significant improvement was seen in the skin’s appearance. Beyond the scar’s appearance, everything from elasticity to hydration was thought to have improved, too. There are many promising signs for those who suffer with the after-effects of acne!

Next time a spot pops up, use CBD skincare to calm it down.

I’d love to hear how you get on! Get in touch with me over on Instagram at@ohanacbd and share your results.

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