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February 20, 2020 4 min read

Oil, serum, balm… which is best? In the battle of oils vs. serums vs. balms, it’s hard to know who’s winning. With Ohana’s new CBD face oil, CBD night serum and multi-purpose CBD balm products, let’s look at how the different uses, benefits and consistencies fare against each other. 


The skin’s not-so-secret weapon when in need of moisture! Oils are created for the sole purpose of intensely hydrating thirsty skin. Why swap a moisturiser for an oil? Oils are effective at mimicking your skin’s own sebum production, giving them a more natural consistency. If you’ve gone years putting additional stress on yourlipid barrier (natural fats found in the outer layer of the epidermis), such as from sunburn or over-exfoliation, then a facial oil is pretty much essential. 

What they’re made of:Each oil product is different. Most are a blend of natural extracts and essential oils selected for their ability to soften, plump and provide a glowing complexion. The thick texture and varyingmolecular sizes also means they can benefit the deeper layers of the skin. 

What they feel like:A bit greasy, but many enjoy this because, unlike serums, you can feel the effects long after application.

Who should use them: Rich oils can be great for all skin types, and are especially effective for mature, ageing, and dry skin. Oily complexions shouldn’t be discouraged though, it’s acommon misconception that people with oily skin shouldn’t apply oils. In fact, they can help regulate sebum production. 

Join the waitlist forOhana’s Phyto Retinol Night Oil. 


This is where skincare getsreeeally targeted. Serums use a concentrated concoction of active ingredients to hone in on certain skin issues and desires, such as to brighten, tighten, reduce pigmentation, and so on. So much choice can make serums a bit overwhelming, but if you can narrow down what your skin requires, there’s probably a serum to help. 

What they’re made of: Like oils, serums are created using essential oils and botanical extracts, but with a much more lightweight texture. Featuring even smaller molecules than those found in oils, they bypass the surface skin layer and absorb todeliver nutrients to the deeper layers. 

What they feel like: Serums are much lighter and quicker to absorb, with a weightless feel. Some have more of a gel consistency but still dry quickly. Their thinner texture means it’s best to apply straight to the face. When applying to the hands first, a lot of the product’s benefits may be lost before it reaches the target area.

Who should use them: In short… anyone! Serums are designed for many different skin types, and there’s an option for everyone. For those looking for a daily serum that protects, hydrates and calms, join the waitlist forOhana’s CBD Daily Protect Serum.


Denser and more viscous, balms tend to be applied around the body rather than on the face, as their thickness may cause breakouts. As an emollient, they’re suited to dry areas of the body like elbows, hands and feet, to soothe and deeply hydrate. If your skin needs an intense bought of hydration after being in cold weather or prolonged air conditioning, then you’ll probably want to reach for a rich balm. Balms are also an effective delivery method for CBD when used to target specific areas ofpain on the body. 

What they’re made of: Balms don’t have much water content. Instead, they’re formulated using the likes of oil or wax as a base. While they’re designed to intensely hydrate skin, some may have active ingredients to combat specific dry skin conditions. With CBD and other plant-based actives added to Ohana’ssoothing multi-purpose balm, a balm may be useful for:

  • Dry, flaky skin or patches 

  • Cracked heels and calluses 

  • Sunburn or sun damaged skin 

  • Bruised skin

  • Painful aches 

What they feel like: There are different consistencies of balms, but for the most part they are thick and viscous. Where oils and serums will generally drizzle out of a bottle, balms tend to be scooped out of a tub and retain their shape until rubbed into the skin. 

Who should use them: Anyone can use balms. Man, woman, young and old. Everyone experiences dry skin on their body at some point or another, so balms are universally useful for helping to rehydrate extremely dry skin. 

What’s the verdict? 

Oil vs serum vs balm… it’s a tie! Face wants moisture? Oil. Specific skin concern? Serum. Body need intense hydration? Balm. You can also mix and match to get the best of all worlds. Plus, when it comes to CBD skincare, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for an oil, serum or balm, as all help deliver CBD to where it needs to go.

It may take some trial and error before you find the routine and products that work best for you, so don’t be afraid to do a little experimenting. 

Once you find out which is best,letme know if you’re an oil, serum or balm lover! Get in touch over on Instagram at@ohanacbd

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