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October 15, 2020 3 min read

After the recent news, we all need a little bit of TLC so we have teamed up with House of Lady Muck (HOLM), a vegan nail art studio that also sells a collection of natural beauty and lifestyle products.

Come by for a proper pamper on 30-31st October, any treatment at HOLM Hackney will include a hand or temple massage with our All-in-One Wonder Balm

We sat down and had a chat with HOLM founder, Laura Southern, to learn a bit more about the brand.

Tell us about HOLM! 

HOLM - It's a lifestyle thing. 

We are a collective of women who love to create. We are passionate and straight talking. We want to create moments of happiness in all that we do. We hustle hard and we support each other. We have a Nail Art Studio in Hackney offering manis and pedis using vegan products and have just launched HOLM products- a collection of natural beauty and lifestyle products. I ( Laura Southern) wanted to create a brand with personality that people can relate to and trust. 

What are 'natural' nails and why is vegan nail polish important?

'Natural nails' are your own nails, without extensions. We wanted to keep our nail offering focused and be the best at what we do, enhancing your natural beauty. Vegan polish is incredibly important, all polishes we use are cruelty free - that's why we use The Gel Bottle & Peacci. 

How does vegan nail polish compare to other typical nail products?

We have found no difference in quality. We are just over the moon that we can use products that can state that they are vegan and cruelty free. 

How do your services go beyond a studio experience?

We are HOLM for hire - hire us for your event. We set up HOLM pop-ups, offering bespoke nail art and treatments. We have partnered with brands such as Selfridges, Pat McGrath, Nike, Dazed and Coach to name a few. We have a pop-up at the Sea Container Hotel on 29th Oct - offering treatments in partnership with Girl Vs Cancer- donating part of each treatment to this incredible cause.  

What are your hand poured natural lifestyle products? 

They are beautiful products created to help you relax and de-stress. Born out of the need for daily routines to help you relax - lighting your candle & having a bath for example. Taking a minute for a moment's peace. We have launched a Lavender & Bergamot candle which fills the room when you burn it. HOLM fragrance made with Pepper, Amber and Rose is now available also.  Next month we launch bath oils, hand creams and pillow sprays. 

How can we best protect our skin on our hands and feet?

You know what, wear gloves in the winter! and wear the right socks with your footwear! Any time I am not doing this, I notice both my hands and feet drying out big time. Also book a mani every month and a pedi every 6 weeks! Nothing like having both pampered to soften them up. 

What are some of your top tips for dry hands from too much hand sanny and colder days?

Moisturize every day! We have developed Hand on Heart Hand Cream- which has a high oil concentration to penetrate layers of your skin to keep them moisturized. Also it is non greasy - you don't want it sticking around on your hands for hours after - it's uncomfortable. I needed to develop a hand cream suitable to use in a salon as we offer hand massages with every treatment. 

What sort of nail and beauty trends you are most excited about?

I am obsessed with CBD in beauty products, I tried Ohana Wonder Balm and I loved it, it smells incredible. I also just did a pop-up brow lamination bar in the salon and it was a huge success! My brows have never looked so good :)

What are your favorite ways to embrace a natural lifestyle?

Supporting natural products and brands, and learning and understanding the properties of key ingredients. We have developed a natural bath oil with Pink Pepper & Rosemary with healing essential oils - and honestly - when I get out the bath and lay on my bed - the smell is incredible and my skin feels so soft and nourished. It makes me feel happy.  

How will Ohana's All-in-One Wonder Balm be used during manis at the pop-up?

We will be offering hand massages with your amazing balm! There will also be an option to add it to your temples for a massage to help you de-stress.

To book in your manis and pedis, find a time on 30-31 October online, give them a call (0203 745 2602), or follow them on IG (@houseofladymuck).


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