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October 16, 2020 3 min read

Ageing is a natural process. It can be both beautiful and frustrating. When it comes to your skin, being proactive with your routine means protecting your body’s largest organ and its health. And, if desired, you can reduce signs of added years (and wisdom) for as long as you can. 

Even if used SPF religiously and moisturiser like there’s no tomorrow, laughter lines and life’s stress may show signs before you were prepared. There’s no age threshold for this. Everybody is different, and so is every skin. 

At 16, someone might freak out at finding a gray hair on her head full of beautiful, sleek, dark brown hair. Another person, at 45 years, might decide to embrace her gray hair and let it all grow out, turning her delicate, thin mane into a beautiful platinum colour. 

Ingredients such as retinoids, niacinamide and vitamin C are super-searched words, renowned for minimising natural signs of ageing. Yes, they prove to be very useful to some, but they often can be harsh on the skin, which leaves redness and slight reactions as side effects. 

We believe that, through mixing powerful plants and herbs, together with science and technology, we can enhance the countless benefits of nature, even for ageing skin. Marine Bluevital C is one such ingredient we think can help you out, at any age and for all skin! 

What is Marine Bluevital C and Microalgae?

Marine Bluevital C is an active ingredient obtained from microalgae organisms (teeny, tiny algae forms). Microalgae are plant-like organisms that exist in aquatic environments, but don’t have stems, roots or leaves like plants inland (think about the green blogs in freshwater or the sea). Through sophisticated cultivation and extraction techniques, microalgae is obtained and used to make Marine Bluevital C. 

Microalgae represent 99.9% of sea organisms. They are at the bottom of the ocean’s energy pyramid, key to marine life and the functioning of major biological cycles and biodiversity maintenance in our world. 

Microalgae are chemically made up of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, amino acids, minerals and plant compounds called  flavonoids - a truly powerful constitution for such minuscule creatures! The most abundant make-up of microalgae are carbohydrates, which exist in different forms and have been found to be very beneficial for use in skincare products. 

Why Microalgae is Good for Your Skin?

The cosmetic use of microalgae has beenstudied for its bioactive compounds, which are known for promoting benefit to the body, and in this case, the skin. The three main reasons microalgae is a powerful plant-based active include: 

  1. It is a powerful antioxidant
  2. It fights unnatural skin pigmentation
  3. It is has anti-ageing properties

One of the reasons microalgae benefits the skin is because the types of carbohydrates found in the compound are endless. They have a wide range of uses for the skin, thanks to its regenerative and fueling properties. Carbohydrates like alginate can help with skin concerns, such aswound healing by limiting wound secretions, reducing bacterial contamination, and maintaining a moist environment to support healing. It is also proven to be deeply moisturising!

What are the benefits of Marine Bluevital C?

Marine Bluevital C harnesses all of the properties of microalgae and enhances its anti-ageing properties, focusing on anti-wrinkle activity by stimulating the production of structural skin proteins. 

Theevidence reveals that marine Bluevital C is a powerful ingredient to increase collagen, decrease wrinkle appearance and improve elasticity. 

In vitro tests showed Marine Bluevital C increased collagen synthesis by around 19% in only 24 hours compared to untreated control cell culture. Collagen is like a ‘glue’ that holds many parts of your body together, from bones and tendons, to your skin. This is why it is important to anti-ageing and reducing wrinkle depth and volume, it smoothens out your skin by sticking it back together, if you will. 

Marine Bluevital C in vivo tests for showed a decrease in wrinkle depth by 10% and wrinkle volume by 12% in two months compared to skin before treatment. Volunteers also confirmed a significant improvement in elasticity, hydration and softness in skin. 

Skin wrinkling isusually attributed to the skin undergoing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leads to signs of ageing and is caused by:

  • Increased difficulty to detoxify oxidative reactive species 
  • An imbalance between the production and accumulation of oxygen reactive species

At Ohana, results are important for us, and behind every ingredient, there’s science backing it. You can find the Marine Bluevital C in ourDaily Defence Serum. Together with our CBD isolate, which also contains strong antioxidant and sebaceous gland regulating properties, you can protect your skin from daily challengers like pollution while delaying anti-ageing, for as long as possible! 

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