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October 01, 2020 3 min read

Your skin feels the colder days, and let’s be honest, no amount of layering can fully protect you from the rough effects autumn and winter can have on the body. Add to that the increased use of hand sanitiser because, well, we’re living in particular times under Covid-19, and the result? Extra-dry, cracking skin.

There are many natural ingredients that can help hydrate your hands and body, but hydration isn’t always the only thing we look for in a good skincare product. This is why many products that have moisturising ingredients as their base are chosen for multi-functionality. 

Diam Oleoactif is our personal favourite (it is in Ohana’sAll-in-One Wonder Balm!), as it is a great moisturiser, and can also help reduceinflammation and delay aging. What’s not to love? 

What is Diam Oleoactif?

Diam Oleoactif is a plant active (Ohana lives for science-rooted, nature-based ingredients) procured from cork oak and virgin coconut oil. The term ‘Oleoactif’ is a fancy way of naming the technology used to extract the plant active from its natural sources. 

Virgin coconut oil is used a lot in skincare for its high amounts of Medium Chain Triglyceride, or MCT. You might know MCT from bulletproof coffee or as the carrier oil in other CBD products. When it comes to topical application, it helps to increase absorption into the skin. 

The other component of Diam Oleoactif, cork oak (roots, leaves and flowers), is a rich antioxidant and haspowerful smoothing effects on the skin

Trust the results

  • After 28 days of applying a placebo cream versus a cream with Diam Oleoactif, collagen improvement was higher for those using the cream with the active. 
  • Diam Oleoactif significantly reduced sun-induced redness of skin just 24 hours after exposure compared to a placebo cream and untreated skin

Here are the top 6 reasons we love Diam Oleoactif: 

  1. It helps with sensitive and reactive skin. 
  2. It is a natural anti-ageing shield (protects against inflamm’aging).
  3. It is non-allergenic and non-irritant. 
  4. It is non-toxic to cells and free of GMOs, additives, preservatives, and chemical pollutants. 
  5. It can help relieve conditions such as rosacea and redness
  6. It helps protect your skin from sun exposure and redensifies your skin (we’re all for a good protective shield).

The Importance of hydration and fighting inflammation

Diam Oleoactif is deeply hydrating, and it is also inflammation fighting. Inflammation might sound like something to only be concerned with internally, but it has serious effects externally, too.

Inflammation plays a role within aging. There’s even a new term to define this: inflamm’aging!

As suggested by ascientific article published by theTrends in Endocrinology & Metabolism journal, ageing is ‘characterised by a state of chronic, low-grade, sterile inflammation’. As you become older,the skin’s ability to handle oxidative stress factors is reduced and there’s an increase in pro-inflammatory conditions. There’s something to be said for targeting inflamm’aging, because don’t we all want to keep our skin looking younger for longer?  

Ingredients today can potentially improve symptoms of dryness, inflammation, and ageing. Diam Oleoactif can help with all three, if you can believe it. That’s why it’s one of our spotlight ingredients in theAll-in-One Wonder Balm. Ohana products are formulated with functionality at the core. 

As the days turn shorter and colder, give your body some extra TLC. Try out the balm. It can go a long way from hydration to anti-ageing to anti-inflammation.

Let us know your favourite way to use the balm on IG (@ohanacbd). 

Photo: Sihibi Zidhick on Unsplash

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