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October 29, 2020 3 min read

Whether time these days is  spent more inside than out, our skin is frequently exposed to environmental pollutants. Protecting your skin from such toxin is like using SPF (a must in your daily skincare routine!) to protect your skin from the sun. The sun might be hiding behind a cloud on a rainy day, but it’s still there. Similarly, pollutants might not always be seen, but it does affect your skin, regardless.  

Pollutants can accelerate signs of aging by generating, or increasing, oxidative stress (see our blog post onDiam Oleactif for more on this). When oxidative reactive species (ROS) interact with, in this case, pollutant factors, oxidative stress occurs. ROS are molecules containing oxygen found in your skin that easily react to external factors. 

Pollution can thus diminish your skin cells’ ability to detoxify oxidative reactive species and cause imbalances between them. Ultimately, thisimpairs the structure and function of your skin, which manifests itself as signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

How can your skin fight against pollution?

One natural way we’ve found can be very efficient in fighting pollution is microalgae (see our blog post onMarine BlueVital C), plant-like organisms that exist in aquatic environments, but don’t have stems, roots or leaves like plants inland. 

Microalgae ensure that major biological cycles run smoothly, which includes the maintenance of biodiversity on earth through photosynthesis. These organisms sustain a large part of life on sea, and consequently, on land. 

In cosmetics, algae has become well known for its ability to give your skin cells an extra boost to handle and detoxify ROS interacting with environmental pollutants. Studies have found that algae interact with skin cells’ mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse where energy is generated) and push them to function better.Better functionality means that ROS can help to avoid oxidative stress, and, thus, reduce signs of natural ageing.   

ROS not only help to diminish oxidative stress, but they also provide a protective barrier for your skin and improve collagen production, smoothing out your skin. 

What is Marine CellShield AP?

The microalgae derivative used in Ohana’s Daily Defence Serum is called Marine CellShield AP. Through patented, safe, and sustainable technology, specific microalgae species are obtained in enough quantities to satisfy formula needs. Don’t worry about our friendly swimmer pals, this process does not upset the biological environment! 

Green energy is used in the process through a closed system; the resulting CO2 is purified and fed back to the microalgae to ensure the lowest carbon footprint possible. This grants Marine Cell its ECOCERT COSMOS certification (AKA it gets an A+ for sustainability for our planet and your skin)!

What does Marine CellShield AP do?

Marine CellShield AP and its natural marine source combined result in a powerful stress defense, anti-pollution shield: 

  • It stimulates your skin cells’ ability to fight off pollution by powering the cells’ powerhouse. 
  • It improves skin tone homogeneity.  
  • It reduces dark spots.

Too good to be true? There’s nothing too good about nature. And the science speaks volumes, too. 

How does Marine CellShield AP work?

In a pollution-free environment, cell viability is at a 100%. So, all cells produced are healthy. But, when it comes to polluted city air, our cell viability decreases. Luckily, Marine CellShield AP helps to protect cell health. 

Lab tests and in-person studies have shown the efficacy of Marine CellShield AP, which were found to promote healthy cells in an environment of urban dust. Cell viability rose to a level of 114% within 72 hours. That’s even more than a typical cell free from pollution!

The same study found that Marine CellShield AP increased skin homogeneity by 10% and reduced dark spots by 34.8%! Winning!

What’s the best way to use it? 

Marine CellShield AP can be found in our Daily Defence Serum. Together with CBD and other super-star active Marine BlueVital C, this serum is the ultimate day, pollution-proof and inflammation-fighting serum. Your skin will love and thank you. 

For maximum efficiency:

  • Cleanse your face 
  • Apply your Daily Defence Serum
  • Add Moisturiser of choice 
  • Repeat daily affirmations!

This order makes sure your skin is hydrated and sealed with a protective barrier from daily encounters with environmental pollutants. 

We recommend you take your time to do your morning skincare routine, breathe in the scents of the serum and apply together with your morning affirmations, start the day right by looking after yourself.

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