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March 17, 2020 5 min read

15 podcasts for all things wellness, self care and health

Podcasts offer a few moments of uninterrupted time to focus entirely on your journey; whether the journey is your commute to and from work or you personal development one. Choose to zone in, or zone out, to get smarter, happier, wiser and stronger. 

With endless podcast choice available, we’ve narrowed them down and found our favourite wellness, self care, mindfulness and health podcasts. Add one to your daily or weekly self care routine. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Optimal Health Daily

News alert: the scientific community never sleeps. Every day a new innovation, finding or study is published. Keeping track of it all would be a full time gig.Optimal Health Dailydoes that job for you and rounds up the best of the best. It’s a tailored, succinct daily update on the latest health and fitness news. Don't take our word for it, trust the accomplished professionals that appear on the podcast, with top ranked guests including Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, trainer Ross Enamait, and Healthline dietitian Rachael Link. This is your one stop shop for the latest health finds, and related trending topics. 

2. Happy Place

Fearne Cotton. We know her, we love her, and now, we love her podcast, too. It's all about happiness, and that makes us smile just thinking about it. This podcast creates a natural setting for listeners to escape into their happy place, and Fearne chats with famous faces, from music artists to athletes to actors, and explores what connects us all: happiness. She digs deep to find actionable tips to use at home. 

3. The Good Glow

A breast cancer survivor and now podcast host, Georgie Crawford, shares her self care journey. It’s all about going within for personal development from the inside out. The conversations include a range of guests, from mental health advocates to business owners, and will leave you feeling light, refreshed and inspired. In Crawford’s episode with radio presenter, turned world traveller, Daniella Moyles, they explore how to overcome burnout. As holiday season (aka one of the busiest times of year) rolls around, this one is highly recommended!

4. TEDTalks Health

"I love TED talks! They're short, inspiring and meaningful," says everyone, always. This podcast brings together health related TED talks into one neat package. It focuses on exploring beneficial, healthy habits you can implement, as well as in-depth interviews with qualified professionals offering health advice. That's right, free, valuable insight. Prepare for an abundance of research to back up everything you hear. 

5. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes 

Host, author and wellness advocate Gregg Clunis offers up advice based on his own experience, as well as from the many people he interviews. It's easy to love this one because he's open, honest and authentic, all the necessary traits for personal development progress. If you want to up your self-help game, but don’t have time to read a book, then this is the perfect podcast. Looking for motivation to spice things up? Start out with episode 406, “How To Change Your Life." 

6. The Health Code

When it comes to lightening the mood, chin-wag style, YouTuber Sarah’s Day has you covered. This podcast is a little less structured, but a bit more relatable, so grab a coffee and listen. Sarah covers all things health, fitness and beauty. Her journey began by finding natural solutions for her hormonal acne, which grew into a larger exploration into health, wellness and fitness. There’s an added bonus: Sarah’s partner Kurt helps her cross boundaries and discuss everything from diets to fitness training, sleep to pregnancy, and mental health to periods. 

7. Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

Calling all foodies! Deliciously Ella has all the goodies for you. Ella is a cook, author, deli owner and serial entrepreneur, so it’s only fitting that she added podcaster to her many titles. Along with her life partner and co-host, Matt, the podcast covers food and wellness, with a green twist. Their passion for sustainability pours out in tips about how to avoid food waste. Knowing the environmental impact of the food you eat isn't table chat, but will be after you listen to Ella and Matt. 

8. Body Kindness

With a host that’s a certified exercise physiologist, this podcast looks deeper into the reasons we exercise. It’s not necessarily about looking good, but it is about feeling good. The episodes explore body positivity in relation to fitness. Questions about how we look at our bodies, treat our bodies and appreciate our bodies are addressed.Body Kindness is on a mission to change diet culture by promoting their motto, “naturally beautiful,” as a way of life.

9.How To Make Friends

FYI: at 2 AM, there is a spike in Google searches for "how to make friends." This discovery led friendship blogger Gemma Scopes to start a podcast. She made it her mission to provide an outlet for people struggling with loneliness, which means saying goodbye to toxic friendships - bye, Felicia! Her personal  art is being genuine and authentic. She's a cup of unfiltered coffee that really wakes you up to seeing your true self.

10. Hannahlyze This

The two Hannahs who hostHannahlyze deal with a huge range of sensitive subjects, such as mental health, anxiety, depression, beauty and body confidence. They know how to turn a dark topic into something hilarious, in an honest way. They get vulnerable and take on personal mini challenges to improve themselves, inspiring listeners to do the same and take action in their own life. Add it in to your morning for that extra ray of sunshine. 

11. Dishing Up Nutrition

Food, glorious food!Dishing Up Nutrition talks about trends and fads, from what's in the food you eat to what your belly needs. They believe that everything you put in your mouth connects to how you feel. This podcast is your dose of gut, physical and mental health knowledge. Learn to take control of your mind, body and soul from the food you eat.

12. Sleep With Me

Sleep With Me offers up bedtime stories for adults. With many of us struggling to sleep for one reason or another, sometimes a little nudge into slumber is all we need. Host Drew Ackerman tells soothing, interesting and often funny stories in these episodes, designed to help you drift off. Perhaps not a podcast for your commute, but certainly a great one to listen rather than counting sheep. 

13. 10% Happier

ABC News journalist Dan Harris’ now famous story of having a panic attack on live television in 2004 made for an eye-opening book about his stress-induced wakeup call and subsequent journey to meditation. This podcast is more than the book in oral form, it shares many lessons Harris learned along the way. This is a great way  to start your personal mindfulness journey, and to be10% Happier.

14. Good Life Project

With guests like Brené Brown (author of 5 New York Times best sellers), Seth Godin (award winning author and successful dot com exec) and Elizabeth Gilbert (author ofEat, Love Prey), this podcast guarantees inspiring nuggets of wisdom. TheGood Life Project guests engage in authentic, intimate, no-holds-barred conversations about how to live a meaningful, rich life. The stories are brutally raw and honest. They’re the kind that will have you thinking about them for a week after listening. You can thank us (orGood Life Project) later for having the best dinner party topics. 

15. Ohana’s Podcast (TBA)

Ohana will be launching a podcast in the coming months. It will cover all things considered in our products: sustainability, plant-based living, cannabis, natural functionality, research and innovation, self love and self care. Join our conversation with experts, leading brands and inspiring individuals who live through our value lens. Watch this space for more.

Follow us on Instagram at@ohanacbd for updates and announcements on our launch.

Photo byMohammad Metri onUnsplash

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