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April 22, 2021 4 min read

We spoke with Iza Szyszko, a vegan, animal loving blogger (@iza_szyszko)! She loves an active, colourful plant-based lifestyle and shared some of her favourite ways to priortise skincare and wellness. 

Tell us about yourself, Iza!

Heya! I’m 27, I’m Polish but I’ve been raised in London. I’m an art graduate and have been working in the creative industry. 

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. I love moving my body. It makes me feel strong and clears my mind. Running is my meditation. I’ve been vegan for 5 years. Initially, I made the lifestyle change for the animals, then I learnt about all the health benefits and the positive impact it has on our planet and been thriving on it since!!

How do you practice skincare rituals, AM and PM?

Pre work out (AM):

  • I start my day with a quick gentle cleanse and SPF moisturiser as I work out first thing in the morning. Too much product before training can clog my skin up but SPF protection is important!

Post work out:

  • After I’ve worked out and sweated I go for a face wash, rose water, Ohana's Daily Defence Serum, face balm and again SPF

Evening Routine:

  • In the PM I cleanse again. I double cleanse I’d I’m wearing makeup in the day. I use a few drops of hyaluronic acid and a light night cream. My skin prefers a simple routine. 

Are there any weekly skincare practices you love to do?

I don’t have any strict weekly rituals. Generally, I just observe my skin and listen to my body and look after both accordingly. Some weeks my face needs a day of extra hydration and others it needs a deeper cleanse. I do love a good mud mask though! And I would love to start using gua sha as I’ve heard of all the benefits! 

How do you use CBD? 

I use CBD drops 2 hours before sleeping to help me wind down and relax for a much deeper sleep. It’s been great for reducing my anxiety. 

 I’m also on my second bottle Ohana's Daily Defence Serum, which I have been loving. I find it super soothing and calming to my sensitive skin. Smells amazing too. 

What are your bathroom & kitchen essentials for skincare? 

Honestly, I’m all over fresh aloe vera leaf. I use it both in the kitchen and the bathroom. I add it fresh to my smoothies and then use all the leftover gel from the skin on my face and hair. It nourishes my body internally, especially helping my digestion. It’s also great when applied directly to the skin. I use it to soothe my psoriasis rashes, to heal cuts, wounds and acne scars. It also makes a great face and hair mask.

Why do you choose plant-based skincare products?

I love using natural, toxin-free products on my skin and prefer to rely on nature rather than harsh synthetic ingredients. I find that they support and nourish the skin better. I’m also a firm believer that nature provides us with all we need so why not use it?

How do you live your best vegan lifestyle?

  • Most importantly - I never think of it as a restrictive lifestyle!
  • I focus on putting my well-being first and I find that the vegan lifestyle does it best.
  • I feed my body and mind intuitively and mainly with fresh foods, but also have a junk meal when I crave it.
  • Find balance and minimal stress.
  • I also always try out new things. I love discovering new plants and herbs, which I don’t think I’d ever had an interest in if I didn’t go vegan. It makes it more exciting!


After a sweaty fitness sesh, how do you rest, restore and recover the skin, body and mind? 

As obvious as it might sound- water ! Hydration is my main thing. On days when I’m working out, I need 3L of water minimum. Dehydrating leads to dry skin and low energy. I also make sure to make a very wholesome smoothie packed with healthy fats. I always find time to fit in a candlelit stretch and mediation session and give my body gratitude. 

What's one of your fave smoothie recipes that is great for skin health?

  • Water
  • Frozen banana
  • Frozen avocado
  • Kale
  • Aloe vera
  • Flax seeds
  • Some Medjool dates for sweetness

Greens and healthy fats will give you the glow! And using frozen banana and avocado gives your smoothie a nicer texture!! 

Anything else you'd like to add? 

Yeah! Just a tip - focus on what works for you and not others! It’s very unlikely that if you copy somebody’s full eating/skincare or workout routine and get the same results as them. We are all different, so take in tips and suggestions but don’t be upset when it doesn’t work out for you. Be patient with yourself as understanding your body and its reactions takes time, but once you learn of your do’s and don’t you will thrive. 

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