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March 01, 2020 3 min read

Oh! Guide: Boom Cycle 

We chatted with the Hilary Rowland, the co-founder of Boom Cycle, London-based spin studios that 'puts the fun factor into getting your sweat on!' Combining fun, party vibes into a workout, Boom Cycle classes are an immersive experience. It's all about bikes, beats and achieving that boom! 

Boom Cycle has kindly offered discounts to all participants attending the Ohana Wellness Festival on March 8.   

What does it mean to workout both the body and mind? Why is this holistic approach important?

At Boom Cycle, we actually provide mental escapism first to help our riders forget about their stress and responsibilities while their riding. There are no numbers and no competition, just fun! Having an effective workout is second. You need to give your brain a chance to re-charge and refresh and a strong hit of endorphins is good for everyone.

How do you hope to build fitness, or wellness, into a daily routine?

Choose something you enjoy that is convenient. Schedule time for it like a meeting. Do it with a friend - you're less likely to bail if it means letting your friend down

What motivates your balance between fitness and fun?

I've always believed unrealistic and rigid 'rules' are a recipe for failure. If you want to choose a lifestyle, choose one that you can achieve that is fun because constantly being disappointed or stressed with yourself or even bored out of your mind is a waste of time.

What opportunities and obstacles have you faced building a fitness/wellness company?

Firstly, when we were first to market for boutique indoor cycling in England in 2011 we had to educate the market on how our product was something very, very different to what was offered in gyms. After that, we had to build our brand pillars strongly so that we could always be sure we were upholding them along the journey. The best part about all of it were the opportunities I have had to meet, work with and ride with so many truly fantastic souls and people I will forever respect and wish will.


How do you set and achieve goals? What advice do you have to those goal setting?

Think big. Then break it down into steps with a realistic timeline. Write this down. Then, be prepared to adjust. Very few journeys work exactly as you predict they will. Stay committed.

How do you practice self care?

I love to cook to give my mind a creative and meditative break. I also love to travel and cuddle at home with our cats and a good book.

After a good sweat, any advice to keep the skin clean and clear?

Wash your make up off totally suing a gentle yet effective cleanser. I use Ren Clean Skincare's Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil cleanser. It works a treat for me.

Ohana Wellness Festivalis on International Women's Day, we are excited to celebrate women around us. What female leaders inspire you?

Michelle Obama is such a force and so relatable, I am a huge fan. In addition, I am inspired every day by so many of the females around me - many who are leaders and teach me so much! I support the women around me by checking in with them to see how they are randomly from time to time and sharing lessons I have learned.

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