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April 02, 2020 5 min read

Oh! Guide: Lion/ne's Personalised Skincare Guide 

Lion/ne is a skincare consultancy that listens to your skin frustrations, and gives you the right tools and knowledge to make more informed decisions when shopping for skincare products. They don’t work with any brands or retailers meaning that all of their recommendations are tailored to your skin needs. 

Lion/ne offers in-person consultations and also just launched a 1:1 online video consultation (perfect for now, as we are all confined to our homes). This is your 7 day plan to understand your skin, get your bathroom cabinet organised and build a regime utilising the products you currently have.

How are skin types more complicated than the categorical ones, dry, oil, normal, combination, sensitive? 

Skin categories are simply one factor to help someone understand their skin needs. They should be a general guide, rather than a box you must stay in when it comes to choosing products and ingredients for your skin. In fact, skin will vary from one person to another, and each of one of our skin’s needs will be different- even if they do fall in the same category. 

To properly define your skin, you need to go beyond the point of just skin type, and try to define what it is craving. You need to know if your skin has any underlying conditions, like acne or rosacea, and also assess its 'moods.' Oily skin, for example, can also be sensitive and dehydrated! 

Other factors like the seasons, hormones, diet, general lifestyle, and current skincare regime must be taken into account. These many different factors will also determine the state of your skin. 

What is the importance of seasonal skincare?

As spring turns to summer and summer to autumn, our skin will have different needs! For example, your skin may be drier in the winter and oily in the summer. 

Our skin changes based on weather, and there are actually clinical studies that back this claim up. Extremes in weather -- both hot and cold -- can exacerbate some existing skin conditions or even cause new ones. Therefore, because the skin changes it is really important to adopt a seasonal skincare approach. 

To make it easy, think about seasonal skincare like you would your wardrobe! In winter, we are applying more layers on our bodies, and will need to do the same with our skin! As the temperature drops, you want to be more cozy and warm, think sitting in the pub by the fire (but not too close for those with Rosacea!).  

In summer, it’s the opposite: you want to be more light with your clothes just as you want with your skincare regime, switching to a lighter moisturiser or even just a hydrating serum.  

If your skincare regime does not change with the seasons, it is likely that your skin’s needs will not be met. This can over time result in congestion, dehydration, sensitivity, breakouts, and/or free radical damage. 

So remember to protect your skin properly, both in the winter with emollient and hydrating ingredients and summer with antioxidants + SPF (a step also needed in the winter). 

How do you feel about personalised skincare?  Any tips to get to know your skin type better?

Personalised skincare is a great way to find out specific products and ingredients for their specific skin needs. However, it needs to be performed in the best possible way to make sure to make the most out of it. 

Before buying personalized skincare or experiencing a personalized skincare service need to be done in the correct way. An algorithm on the internet is not enough to know what your skin needs! You need to speak, interact and talk about your skin to an expert to define your skin type, conditions & moods to be able then to recommend any specific products.

Are there any ingredients that you believe are an absolute must for everyone? 


When you know that the most important step in any skincare regime protection, then it is no surprise that SPF is an absolute must for everyone. More than just protecting your skin from UV light, it also prevents premature ageing as well as other skin conditions and moods to resurface! Therefore, protecting your skin will do more than just protect against UV damage, it makes sure that your skin stays calm and healthy!

Vitamin C

Another ‘essential ingredient to have at home’ is Vitamin C. Vitamin C in my mind is like a guard that protects your skin from pollution, unwanted substances and also helps to enhance your skin’s resilience to UV light. I really see it as a warrior. Who doesn't want a warrior for their skin? Plus, it’s such a versatile ingredient. It can take different forms, so depending on your skin type, you can always find the right match! 

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid, for me, is a staple in any skincare regime. That said, it can be difficult to find the serum that works best for your skin as there is a lot out there! Some of these serums can leave skin feeling tight, which is why I like to look for serums that also contain B5. These tend to feel more hydrating and are great for ‘dry’ skin types. If you HA serum is leaving skin ‘tight’ follow quickly with a light moisturizer

Forbes just announced their 50 over 50 category, 'highlighting women and shattering age and gender norms.  What similar trends are there within the skincare community to move toward 'ageless beauty.'

The movement towards pro-ageing is long overdue, but recently there has been a significant shift in the beauty industry, as brands are doing more to embrace diversity and inclusivity in all forms (including ageing). Even though Gen Z is driving trends, we are ignoring the more mature population, as beauty industry marketing is only concentrated on ‘eternal youth’ and impossible standards. But that is changing, we are moving away from anti-ageing and towards pro-ageing!

Finally, everyone is beginning to let go of the term ‘anti-aging’ for something more realistic. It is important to understand that once the damage is done to your skin, unfortunately, there is really no ‘miracle’ product on the market that will give you the skin you had in 1993- thus is life! 

Of course, we can protect the skin and help to slow down premature aging, but ageing is a natural process of our body. Lines and wrinkles are a sign that we have lived and laughed, and to get older and wiser is a privilege. More than that, brands tend to focus on Millenials, forgetting about the other proportion of the population. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see that finally the wiser generation is being heard in the beauty market! 

What is currently inspiring you?

Right now, we are really loving all of the social media content that is being churned out by small businesses that have sadly had to close their doors due to COVID-19. Meditation, exercises, games, and general messages of positivity are keeping our chins up in a time of much uncertainty. 

Also, the communities that are coming together to help neighbours that have been told they are at risk by starting Facebook groups to deliver medication and essential groceries. Not to mention the (over) 400,000 people in the UK that signed up to volunteer for the NHS- it doesn’t get much more inspiring than this.

To find out more about Lion/ne visit their website and follow them on IG (@lionne.ldn).

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