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September 09, 2020 5 min read 1 Comment

We spoke to Olusola Jinadu (Medeaij), a UK content creator (IG @Medeaij), Youtuberand blogger. She is best known for her iconic lip swatches, step by step guide to achieving varied beauty looks, honest reviews, product photography and swatches that showcase products and brands.

Tell us about yourself!

My passion for beauty and hardwork has proven that you can do and become anything you aspire to be. The content I share teaches, encourages and inspires people to be adventurous, try new things and be the best they can be.

I love working with all brands, 'I don’t discriminate against products, you have my attention if it works'. I would like to believe that I showcase and invest in indie, high end and mainstream brands.

My mission is to educate and empower everyone that you are your own brand, you deserve to be informed, and you should never be apologetic for expressing yourself.

What inspired you to get into beauty, skincare, makeup and fashion?

My journey is a labour of love. My passion for the beauty and fashion industry runs deep. I want everyday women to be confident in what they buy, use and how they look. You build confidence by having an identity and knowing what you want and what you are doing.

I got into the industry because of the apparent lack of clear and fair information. The media would bamboozle us with shiny adverts (very minimum to no representation of black people) and no clear information if the products work for 'me'.

I wanted to be the change the industry needed. I have worked and informed many brands on a simplistic and better approach to marketing their products. I have been the voice of consumers who look like me who do not feel that the brand represents them or provides for their needs.  

What do you aim to achieve with your platform? How was there a gap in the content?

It started in 2012, due to the frustrating fact that makeup tutorials felt unachievable for your everyday beauty lover, product reviews sounded confusing and staged.

  • Plus-size fashion options were nonexistent and there was a very low representation of UK plus size women of colour.
  • Women of colour in some cases are made to feel like they could not express themselves in the way they choose without being crucified or punished.

Not having to conform to your average “standard black girl” looks, content type is what I strive to showcase on my platforms.

How do you experiment with different products?

This is an important question for a creator like me who tests out and feedback to different brands. I personally research a lot:

  • Ingredients
  • How to use
  • What effects to look out for
  • What any potential side effects are

I know what my skin likes, what it can tolerate and what it hates. You have to be very in tune with your body to be able to pinpoint exactly when and what ingredient (potentially) causes your skin to disagree and vice versa.

I also space out the products I use by giving each product its allocated time to work. After all, how are you going to feedback if you haven't given the product time to work?

What are some of your favorite skincare rituals/routines?

My skin care routine is my down time. It is my time to reflect on the whole day, make mental lists and plan for the next day. I take my time during this period to really care for my skin.

Having combination/oily skin means that my skin needs that extra level of care to ensure it is clean, well moisturised and taken care of. I enjoy mud face masks, gentle exfoliators, antioxidant serums and hydrating moisturisers. 

What are your tips to listen to your skin and personalise routines/product choices?

I often get asked this and it's simple: don't use products for the sake of using them.

  • Concentrate on the underlying issues or improvements you would like to make to your skin. This will determine what kinds of products you are using and what ingredients you are interested in.
  • If a product no longer works or has a negative effect on your skin, this would become quickly apparent because that underlying issue or improvement will no longer be catered for.
  • For example, if you suffer from hyperpigmentation, you will select a product based on ingredients that are made to even out hyperpigmentation.If after the allocated period, you do not see an improvement or your hyperpigmentation becomes worse then you know the product doesn't work for you.

What are your top 5 tips for skin health?

  1. This may sound cliché but water and sleep are number one
  2. Eat well and try to avoid stress, self care is key
  3. Never sleep with your makeup on
  4. Ensure you cleanse your face properly
  5. Have a set day and night skincare routine and give the products time to work

How does self-love and confidence coincide with beauty and skincare to you?

Self-love and confidence go hand in hand for me. You have to want to care for your skin, you only get one after all. You can only do this effectively if you are confident in giving your skin what it needs.

Confidence comes from being well informed and educated enough to make the right decisions. For example, if you know that your skin tends to feel dry naturally with or without makeup, you would seek products with hydrating ingredients. 

Tell us more about the motto, 'being confident is an attitude and cannot be faked'. 

I coined this motto when I realised that the world, indirectly, is made to pull you down if you allow it. It means you can't fake life, you must direct it to have a decent chance at a life you deserve.

The world is woke. Everything is public information. Social media is fast paced. You have to know and be confident in every decision you make. The world is constantly questioning, and is ready to judge and pull you down.

You have to be ready to defend what you are passionate about and fight for your own right to a happy life. For this to happen, confidence must become a way of life and be part of everything you do and the basis of who you are.

What does 'happiness is free' mean to you?

Happiness is free is my daily affirmation and slogan. Allowing situations or others who bring you down to take up valuable space in your heart is a choice. You can also choose to be happy in midst of confusion, destruction, and torment and nobody can take that from you. Happiness is in your control, the minute you choose it over misery and depression, you become 100 times more at peace. 

How do you use personal affirmations? 

My close friends and family always laugh at me because I have words with myself a lot. What they don't know is that these words are daily affirmations/God's promises/my promises to myself.

The promises keep me going, they give me the encouragement to keep going on my personal journey. To not get distracted by envious people, closed doors, or lack of opportunities, to never give up. It allows me to have a higher conviction that I am made for greatness and to wait on God for my time.  

What are you most looking forward to in 2020 within skincare/beauty?

I am looking forward to skincare products that cater more to melanin skin. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that a lot of black people suffer with.

A lot of the skincare products are made to cater to freckles, rosacea and mild pigmentation. I am looking forward to kind products that carter to severe sunburn and adult acne, acne bruises and hyperpigmentation.

For beauty, I would love to see more representation of products made for black skin; skin based products with the right undertones. Diverse advertising, diversity in top-level management, better-named products for women of colour and 4c hair representation in mainstream media.

To find out more about Olusola, check out her IG (@Medeaij), her blog ( or her YouTube.

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September 15, 2020

A very clear and well put together interview with Olusola. Her answers touched on a lot of issues faced by dark skin ladies. I love her make up tutorials and videos, her lip swatches are to die for. I wish her the very best. Medeaij is becoming a household name. Thank you for having her.

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