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June 18, 2020 4 min read

We chatted with Kate Miller, the Co-Founder of Miss Grass, a US-based brand on a mission to help the world get good at weed. Miss Grass brings a standard of trusted, clean and effective to the cannabis industry. The company educates about cannabis science, history, culture and products. 

What's behind the name and branding of Miss Grass?

I secured the Miss Grass name and URL in 2008 while working at a medical dispensary during college. At the time, I felt a void in the market for a brand that authentically represented the versatility of this plant, and consumers like myself and my friends who consciously integrated it to enhance our lives.

The URL sat in my GoDaddy account for a decade while the cannabis landscape matured and legalisation began to sweep our nation. In 2018, my co-founder Anna Duckworth and I brought Miss Grass to life.

How does Miss Grass intersect a number of sectors?

We believe, educate and advocate for the full plant, all of its components, and the versatility of its use. We celebrate cannabis culture and its contributions to the arts.

We support social justice and righting the wrongs from the War on Drugs, which has disproportionately impacted the lives of black and brown people.

We’re stoners at heart – love to have fun with her and get high. And we also support the use of this plant for its non-intoxicating compounds, including CBD, which is incredible for a whole host of health and wellness benefits.   

What inspires your work (e.g. personal connection, legacy of war on drugs, new research)?

Cannabis has played such a powerful role in my life. I have countless stories of growth, inspiration, healing and laughter fuelled by this plant:

  • I watched my brother get kicked out of highschool for weed.
  • I worked at a medical dispensary, where I served this plant as medicine to people who relied on it for their health.
  • I have connected with so many incredible friends, lovers, and mentors because of this plant.

I feel an immense gratitude for her, and hope that we are building a brand that makes cannabis accessible to everyone. 

I truly believe plants are the future – and cannabis, other plants, and funghi have the ability to heal physical and emotional trauma, inspire more compassion and be the catalyst for a more conscious future world. 

What's one thing you want the world to know about cannabis?

Our bodies are made to love cannabis (and other plants!). We have an internal system (endocannabinoid system) that interacts with cannabinoids found in this plant.

This system is responsible for maintaining the body’s equilibrium, which is fancy speak for regulating things like mood, sleep, stress, inflammation and more.  

Why is education a key part of your magazine and company?

There’s a wave of conscious consumerism across all consumer verticals, and cannabis is no different. Consumers want to know what’s in the products they buy and who’s behind the brands they love. So they can vote with their dollar, and support socially responsible brands that align with their own values. Cannabis is being introduced or reintroduced to so many people’s lives, and getting educated and good at weed is critical in a consumer’s journey. 

What are some of the most asked questions about CBD? 

We used to get ‘can cbd get me high?’ at least a few times a day. But for the most part, consumers are more educated now on CBD than when we first started. So questions have evolved to topics around:

  • Dosage
  • Efficacy
  • Quality

What do you hope changes in the CBD space?

There’s a harmful narrative that CBD is good and is 'wellness', and THC is 'bad'. It’s a narrative that plays into the manufactured stigma that was created to fuel drug prohibition, and set our country on a devastatingly harmful path that destroyed so many black and brown lives.

CBD has shown extremely promising results to help with many things from inflammatory skin issues to autism to stress management. And the fact that CBD can be sold in mainstream retailers has brought mass attention to cannabis, and has helped normalise this plant in people’s wellness routines. That’s an incredible thing, that should not be detached from the rest of this plant. 

What's your favorite way to use cannabis topically?

I first started using cannabis topicals when I was desperate to find a solution for my psoriasis, which is an inflammatory skin disease. I’d been battling psoriasis for pretty much my whole life and I’d tried everything from steroid creams to injections to light therapy.

Nothing really worked—at least not completely. Finally, a friend recommended cannabis topicals and I was blown away by the results. I now use cannabis topicals daily for that.

What are your tips when using CBD skincare products?

  1. Use CBD skincare products that are third party batch tested.
  2. Look for full spectrum, which means it includes the complete roster of compounds found in the plant and for most cases is found to be more effective. However, that’s not a blanket statement, as a CBD isolate product may be best for extremely sensitive skin that may get triggered by other compounds found in a full or broad spectrum product.
  3. Use products from a reputable brand that includes info on their label and website and makes it easy for you to find ingredients, dosage, and lab tests (available on site or upon request). 

If you had one message to share to a global audience, what would you say?

In the words of the great Snoop Dogg….smoke weed, everyday. JK JK. ;) 

To find out more about Miss Grass, check out their website ( or follow them on IG (@missgrass).

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