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July 06, 2020 3 min read

Sadie Van Saden-Cooke is the Founder of HA Consulting. 

Holistically Aesthetic was founded on the basis of being professional, ethical, integral, and with the vision to aid in all areas of the aesthetic industry using her expertise, experiences and a personalised approach to produce transferable solutions and results to both suppliers and clinics.

Tell us about yourself! 

To give you a little bit of a background about myself and the industry experience I have, I started out working for Penny Hill Park in Surrey within The Spa in 2003 and went on to work with La Prairie opening their first spa within the Caribbean, looking after VIP guests. 

When I arrived back to the UK I had seen a shift from beauty to aesthetics and ever since that exciting change I have worked within aesthetics. 

I have had the pleasure of working both in clinic and from a training and energy device sales role. Within my career, I have worked with national chains and solely owned Medi-spa's and Clinic's.

But as a woman, I am a mum to an amazing 10 year old boy, a girlfriend to a very supportive man and a woman that has been lucky enough to have friends and family that make me want to learn, achieve and grow as a person.

What is the meaning behind HA? 

Holistically Aesthetic to me is looking at the whole picture and not just one element. I feel in this era we currently live in we can get tunnel vision and focus on one element, whether that’s in a personal or business capacity. But looking from just one angle we can miss out on crucial elements that make the whole picture.

What does 'loving your skin' mean to you? 

Loving your skin to me is respecting and appreciating the skin you have, we all have different tones, impurities and skin types but we need to learn to honour, love and respect the skin that we have.

How do beauty, skin and confidence come together through aesthetics? 

Confidence is beauty! If we feel confident then we glow, aesthetics isn’t just vanity it’s about bringing out our confidence. I have worked with patients that have had birthmarks that have prevented them wearing certain clothes or avoiding social situations……giving them the confidence to wear that top or go to that family gathering, that’s a feeling I’ll never forget!

What are some of the most common concerns clients ask about? 

For me, my clients are normally concerned with elements of training or ROI within their business, as doctors and nurses (majority) they are so busy with their clients they can feel their staff need some extra support in areas. The suppliers I work with normally need after sales support.

What's the difference between medical skincare and other types of skincare? 

Medical skincare tends to have more active ingredients and high street brands can be buffered with ingredients that are not beneficial to the skincare.

Share with us your top 'beauty insiders' tips? 

  • Invest in a good antioxidant and SPF alongside laser hair removal
  • A good collagen boosting treatment
  • Don’t forget to cleanse morning and night!

How has the aesthetics industry changed? 

For me, technology and technique wise its forever growing and developing in a positive way but unfortunately, there is a negative aspect to the non-regulation that has appeared since I first entered the aesthetic world, especially in regards to injectables.

What are some of the 'game changers' that are you most excited about? 

At the moment I am really excited about personalised and genetic therapies using hormones and linking that into an holistic approach for female health.

How do aestheticians 'humanize' skincare treatments for intimate areas? 

Isn’t it strange how we still in 2020 dance around the genital subject and the health behind it. This is a hugely growing market for both men and women but for argument sake I will say that I hope more aestheticians, nurses, and doctors promote vaginal health and take away a taboo we still don’t seem to have tackled properly or effectively. 

    Share a little insight into your skincare routines, and perhaps self care rituals. 

    I use a good cleanser along with a pigmentation corrector every morning and evening but my hidden secret is I use haemorrhoid ointment as eye cream. Was passed down by my Nan and been a staple ever since.

    If you had one message to share to a large audience who would practice what you preach, what would that message be? 

    Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

    To find out more about HA Consulting, visit their website ( or follow Sadie on IG (@sadiefranscesca).

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