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October 09, 2020 4 min read

HighOnLove® is a premium sensual wellness cosmetics brand redefining intimacy and revolutionizing the way you love. They recognize the power of cannabis in the wellness realm, which adds to pleasure and sexual wellness.

HighOnLove® was created to empower women and remind them that their self-care and sexuality are crucial for living a healthy, happy life.

Tell us about High On Love.

HighOnLove® exists to break down the stigma surrounding sexuality, self-love and cannabis. Our line’s Stimulating Oil and Gel have become a cult fave and are well-known to be transformative for those experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort or decreased libido, helping women around the world reclaim their pleasure. 

Other products include a Lip Gloss (for couples), Sensual Massage Oil, Sensual Bath OilDark Chocolate Body PaintSensual Massage Candle

What's behind the name, 'High on Love'?

It's a little play on words since cannabis oil is involved, of course, but our brand name's version of getting 'high' is more about elevating wellbeing – from self care or self love to romance with a partner. It's about taking pleasure from these outlets and being shameless about it. Because why should anyone be?

What does intimacy mean to you?

Our brand promotes a healthy, sex-positive attitude. Intimacy is a fluid term in our dictionary. We encourage women to explore their sexuality on their own and become intimate with themselves, first and foremost.

We also promote intimacy with partners in many different forms, from loving massages to exploration into more 'risqué' areas (we make a chocolate body paint, for instance, and offer a gift set that includes a high-end vibrator).

What are the top 3 questions you get asked about sexual wellness?

  1. Is it uncommon to feel that there's something wrong with me because I am unable to orgasm from traditional intercourse? In fact, about 75% of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. Our brand encourages exploration and open conversation about sex to let women discover what works for them and brings them pleasure.
  2. How does cannabis oil work to improve sex (in the case of our Stimulating Oil and O'Gel)? The answer is that it works to increase blood flow, which increases sensitivity (in a good way) while simultaneously increasing natural lubrication to ease any discomfort. 
  3. Can you get "high" from these products? The answer is no – though we are developing a THC line which will provide a slight buzz (we like providing our customers with options).

How do different cannabinoids enhance sexual experiences?

The human body produces endocannabinoids, naturally. Studies suggest that 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG endocannabinoid) is released throughout your body after orgasm.

From this, we can gather that cannabinoids (like the ones existing naturally in the cannabis plant) already play a significant role during sex. Although it hasn't been researched enough to date, cannabis appears to offer a myriad of benefits when it comes to sexual wellness and even wellness in general. 

The cannabinoids in CBD and THC have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain during sex. Numerous studies have also shown the potential benefit of using CBD for psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

Although you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis by taking it sublingually (placing the oil under the tongue), you can also consider a CBD-infused bath (we recommend HighOnLove® Sensual Bath Oil).

Let's talk about self-pleasure. What are the topics that aren't covered but require more attention?

We are invested in self-pleasure in all its forms. We recently had a sexpert write a blog article for our website about achieving orgasm. It has helpful tips for anyone who is stressing out about it.   

We're also trying to raise awareness about issues that may be impeding sexual pleasure, like anxiety and stress (that's why we take self-care so seriously and develop products to assist with that).

It's our belief that self-pleasure starts with self-care and listening to your body, making "me time" a priority, etc. From there, it's about discovering what makes you feel good without pressure or expectations.

Self-pleasure isn't just about orgasms, after all. 

How do you hope to redefine pleasure?

Pleasure shouldn't be tied to the traditional view of orgasm during intercourse. Pleasure can be many things – a blissful bath all alone, a romantic massage from a partner, a spicy night of toys and body paint. Let's broaden the definition... shamelessly. 

Share your top 5 tips for enjoying a healthy sexual relationship with oneself, or someone else. 

  1. Make relaxation and quality time a priority (with yourself or a with partner)
  2. Designate time to unplug from social media and work responsibilities each day
  3. Communicate and respect your different needs and your partner's (if coupled up)
  4. Explore your sexuality with an open mind
  5. Allow yourself to experience pleasure without judgement and shame – it may sound obvious, but many of us are programmed to feel that it's somehow wrong or taboo!  

How do you aim to empower women?

It's unfortunate that so many women experience shame and guilt when it comes to self-care, self-love and sexuality. We would love to abolish that shame for women and let them feel proud, feel sexy, feel capable of giving themselves pleasure on their own and also in asking for what they need in the bedroom to feel pleasure with a partner. 

To find out more about High On Love, check out their website ( or follow them on IG (@highonlove.official).

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