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March 05, 2020 4 min read

The truth about the facial detox 

Is it time to detox that dermis?! The latest wellness trend on social media is ‘Skin Fasting.’ It’s being talked about by everyone from beauticians to beauty bloggers, like beauty writerJessica L. Yarbrough and Instagrammer Vishakha Vij ofThe Urbane Log. Whether you think it’s a fad or you’re curious to try it, we’re breaking down what’s fact and fiction.

What is ‘Skin Fasting’? 

Imagine putting your skin on a diet - that's Skin Fasting. It’s basically when one abstains from applying any skincare or makeup products for a set period of time. 

The idea of fasting dates back toancient Hippocrates’ belief that fasting from food can be used to heal the body. Its link to skincare comes fromKoko Hayashi, a facial yoga instructor and author ofLess Is More: Japanese Anti-Aging Secrets. Hayashi studied the skin’s ability to regenerate while Skin Fasting, and ultimately, detoxify itself of unwanted impurities. 

Giving your skin a break from makeup, cleanser, toner, serums, sunscreen, etc. has been said to help the skin maintain a natural, healthy skin barrier, without constantly stripping away natural oils and ceramides.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s a quick fact check on Skin Fasting… 

“Science says it’s good” Fiction!

The unfortunate truth is that there really isn’t much data on the subject. Research has been conducted on howcalorie restriction (dietary fasting) affects the skin, as well as how fasting may be able to help relieveeczema. Anecdotal stories seem to take over the Internet’s claims; writers and content creators who have tried the practice for themselves report on their experiences with varying results. You may want to experiment for yourself! 

 “It’s all or nothing” Fiction!

Some people portray Skin Fasting as an all-or-nothing practice, suggesting to stop applying skincare products for weeks and even months. It doesn’t need to be quite so strict. Keep it simple: 

  • Avoid applying products a couple of nights every week
  • Encourage your skin to produce natural oils
  • Go makeup free for a week to let your skin breathe

Skin Fasting can be as tailored as you like, so don’t feel pressure to copy others and their routines.  

“My skin will become super oily or dry” Mostly fiction!

If your goal is to control oily or dry skin, don’t expect Skin Fasting to bring back perfectly balanced skin. Skin Fasting is about allowing skin to function more independently and manage its own sebum production. As your skin detoxes from products, you may experience a few days or weeks of skin fluctuations. The long-term results may outweigh the short-term changes. Be patient with how your skin adapts. 

“Skin Fasting will cure all my skin ailments” Factand Fiction?

While Skin Fasting could help relieve the symptoms of skin issues like acne, dryness, oily skin, and so on, it’s not a cure-all. Go into your fast with positivity around what itcould do for your skin, not what it will guarantee. Everyone’s skin reaction will be entirely different. Remember there is also a chance that Skin Fasting could aggravate certain skin conditions or result in skin getting worse before it gets better. 

“It’s only for people with bad acne” Fiction. 

Acne results from skin not being able to regulate its own sebum production, and the methodology behind Skin Fasting means a facial detox has the potential to help breakouts.  And the benefits go beyond just preventing spots. Even those with combination skin or dull complexions could see results. For example, a detox from everyday makeup helps brighten and calm skin. 

“Skin Fasting can save you money” Fact. 

Depending on how many skincare purchases have broken your bank, taking a break from spending may plump up your face and wallet. Between makeup, skincare products, serums,  spa treatments, and other preferred choices of self care, a facial detox could save you a substantial chunk of change. Not prepared to say goodbye to all your favourite products yet? Remember Skin Fasting can be as simple as going a couple of days without products, which still saves you money in the long run. 

How to try Skin Fasting

If you want to try an extended Skin Fast, here’s how to go without your usual products…

  • Thoroughly wash your face the night before you start
  • Put away your usual products to avoid applying them out of habit
  • Wash your face daily using only lukewarm water to retain the skin’s natural sebum
  • Give skin an added boost by drinking plenty of water throughout!

Have you tried Skin Fasting? Think it’s all just a fad? Curious to know more? Don’t be afraid to reach out over on Instagram at@ohanacbd - we’d love to know what you think! And if you don't feel like skin fasting is for you, read more about the effects of pollution on your skin and how CBD products like our facial serum can heal and protect it.

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