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December 26, 2019 3 min read

Let’s face it: winter is basically here. As the colder weather descends, and dark evenings arrive earlier, everyone starts to activate ‘winter mode’. That means gloves and hats come out of storage, and we all become more wasteful of energy. 

Create your own sustainable at-home winter wonderland by following these four easy tips:

1. Less heating, more jumpers

An obvious one for some, but before cranking up the boiler, consider digging out your jumper collection first. Walking around the house in shorts while your living room feels like a sauna is unnecessary when simply wearing a few more layers and some thicker socks will suffice. Win-win situation: you and the environment remain happy. 

Of course, it’s not about being stingy and making your radiators completely obsolete.  Rather, it’s about being smart and conscious about how you use them. Added bonus? Keep a few extra pounds in your bank account.

2. Keep carrying your zero waste kit  

During winter, people like to stock their bags with emergency layers, umbrellas and anything else to add extra warmth and avoid harsh weather. This usually means replacing our reusable kits and carrier bags. Be mindful of what you bring with you:

  • Carry wooden or metal straws
  • Bring reusable coffee cups and tote bags 
  • Use glass containers for your packed lunches 

Sustainability is a lifestyle choice, and shouldn’t be considered a habit for ‘when you feel like it’. Pledging to spend a little time and do a bit of forward thinking can help you make space for your environmental choices, even when there’s a lot going on in life.

3. Stay strong with sustainable shopping 

Winter for many can mean less healthy fruit and veg, more comforting carbs, and stockpiling in order to brave the cold. Switching up your usual shopping list over the next few months could also be a positive choice. Shop seasonally with winter veg like squash, asparagus, broad beans and potatoes, and maintain your commitment to plant-based living throughout the year.  

Lots of zero waste and sustainable stores will also change their stock to reflect the cold weather, so instead of panic buying plastic-covered snacks, do a bit of forward planning and make a conscious decision to stay as sustainable as possible. 

4. Tackle winter skin with eco-friendly skincare products 

With the colder weather often comes unpredictable skin; blemishes, dry lips and the dreaded red ‘tissue nose’. While it’s a good idea to adjust your skincare routine to reflect the changing weather, that doesn’t mean you need to resort to anything less than 100% naturally derived skincare products. Keep your commitment to eco-friendly ingredients, and instead of switching to synthetic to tackle skin issues, use this time as a season of discovery for your skin; what othernatural productscould help you keep your glow all year round? 

It’s important that we all stay mindful of our sustainability, even when we don’t feel like it. Sticking with positive habits will ensure we do our part for the environment, even when we’re chilly.

At Ohana, we acknowledge the difficulty in keeping a sustainable lifestyle, but we’re committed, and always looking for ways to help others make even the smallest positive changes for the planet.

Let me know how you’re sticking with your good habits throughout the seasonover on Instagram at@ohanacbd

Photo byAnh Nguyen onUnsplash

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