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December 17, 2020 2 min read

Silvana Patrickis an international image expert having lived in 3 different continents, including North America and the Middle East. She lives her passion for helping women feel confident and empowered. 

How do you empower women through fashion, style and branding? 

By helping them in the process of finding what works for them and what they represent.

What does 'liberate your style' mean to you?

It means discovering or remembering who we really are as unique individuals.

What are your top 5 tips for creating a personal brand? 

  1. Know how to dress for our bodies.
  2. Create a visual balance.
  3. Be authentic.
  4. Be clear as to how you want to be perceived.
  5. Create a signature look.

What non-material accessories do you add to your style? 

Being courteous and a friendly smile.

How does beauty and confidence come from internal and external factors? 

Feeling beautiful and confident is a state of mind, which can be lost, for instance, by comparing ourselves with others. Clothes can be extremely helpful because when we dress in a way that compliments us, we instantly feel good. This has a powerful effect in triggering a positive cycle mindset. 

What advice do you have about feeling confident in your own skin? 

To know that we all have assets and flaws, therefore accept our flaws and enhance our assets is fundamental in order to feel good about ourselves.

How does our philosophy about self care skincare resonate with you? 

It is in line with my own philosophy of wellbeing going back to our roots, and Nature and organic products have everything to do with it. 

What are common misconceptions about trends? 

People often confuse trends with style. Trends are the all the offers out there while style is what you do with them.

How do you include skincare into your lifestyle, and what are some of your daily essentials? 

As I grow older, I am being more into skincare than make up.

  • In the morning I like to have a clean skin in order to receive the ingredients of my routine.
  • I follow with a hydrating serum and a rich anti-aging cream.
  • At night, I finish with an oil and a Chinese massage to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

To learn more about Silvana, check out her website ( or follow her on IG (@silvanapatrick_stylist)


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