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Functional skincare

Ohana is naturally made and functionally driven. All Ohana products embrace the idea of powerful plant performance. Our products combine the natural and physical world by adding plant-basedactive ingredients to vegan skincare to boost the strength of each plant’s benefit. It’s not magic, just nature’s science. 

Each Ohana product is uniquely crafted to target multiple skin concerns. Our formulations combine a selective mixture of active and key ingredients that synergistically work together. Think about each plant maximising the effect of other ingredients. We bring the plant ecosystem together in a bottle. All of which enhances the overall impact and health of the skin. Nature performs and the skin applauds. 

CBD is one of the active ingredients in each product. Adding CBD in particular concentrations boosts the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial effects of our skincare product range. This one ingredient paired with others plant properties adds nutritional essentials for our skin’s balanced, healthy and vibrant appearance.